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1119 Fennell Avenue E.
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Frequently Asked Questions – Restorative Touch Physiotherapy

Do I need a Doctor's referral?

We do not require a prescription in order to schedule an appointment however this will depend on your insurance company and whether or not they will require one for your specific treatment. Please call us and we can determine if one is needed.

How many times do I need to attend?

This will depend on the specific nature of your case. What we can promise is that we will not encourage you to attend more sessions than as absolutely necessary! Our philosophy is centred on optimizing patient health and care.

How long does an initial assessment take?

An initial assessment approximately takes up to 1 hour.

Why choose Restorative Touch Physiotherapy?

We are a professional team of therapists certified by the various Canadian Governing organizations. We strongly believe patients have been referred to us because of the quality of care we provide. We focus on providing care and treatment and not how many times we can get you back into the clinic. Our focus is on getting you better faster.