Coming April. Restorative Touch Physiotherapy Hamilton Mountain presents RESTORE YOU Functional movement, postural, and mobility training programs. Move. Restore. Commit

Restore You Program | Functional movement, postural & Mobility

This is an Individualized functional movement, postural and mobility training program designed to let you work, play, and live optimally. Although there are numerous programs available, this program was not developed to just be a guided exercise program.


Over the past 22 years of being in this profession, I have treated numerous patients that have begun an exercise program that caused injury, often leading to a vicious cycle of pain. With the high demand and rise of Bootcamps, Personalized Coaching, and Personal training, I have noticed a large percentage of people begin these programs without having a firm foundation on how they move, or really have any body awareness. Having said this, I do believe there are many great programs out there, with excellent trainers and coaching, where programs are modified and tailored for each person.


The question that remains is, do people really understand how their body is moving? In my opinion, not every exercise can be modified if a person does not have basic foundational movement and mobility patterns to ensure the body is working efficiently. This is especially important when injury has occurred in the past, and mobility and strength have not been fully achieved before starting an exercise program. It is all about timing!

Restore You | Functional Movement, Postural & Mobility training

$450 + $50 Assessment (8 Sessions)

An individualized functional movement, postural and mobility training program designed to let you work, play, and live at your best. If you have been injured, or lost touch with how your body moves, this would be a great program for you! Also available online ($350 + $50 Assessment).

Restore You2Health | Strength, Flexibility & Cardiovascular fitness

$450 + $50 Assessment (8 Sessions)

An individualized program for those individuals who have a good understanding of functional movement but want to build on their strength, flexibility, and cardiovascular fitness. It also builds on everything taught in the RESTORE YOU program if you decide to advance.

Restore You2Sport | sport-specific training

$500 + $50 Assessment (8 Sessions)

Individualized sport-specific training program designed for you to move more efficiently in your sport. Each program is designed according to the athlete’s functional needs. All programs are reinforced with evidence-based research to reduce sport-specific injuries.

So much of the world is broken; we want to be part of the healing.

We believe that healing and helping others goes beyond providing a hands on approach, progressive rehabilitation and education. It truly involves empowering others and going above and beyond the mainstream expectations of care to produce changes that impact lives. Visit Restorative Touch Physiotherapy on Hamilton Mountain. 

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